“What happened after every happy ending? What is the truth behind the big smiles and all those hugs? Who really are the characters we got used to love during our childhood? Here you are some answers.”

This is a beautiful project made by Simone Massoni, a freelance visual artist, from Italy. After starting his career as a children’s book illustrator, he moved his interests to be aligned more with visual design and arts, mixing short animated films with motion design, graphic posters, pattern design, and illustration for fashion brands. He’s participated in several live painting exhibitions as well as group gallery shows. In 2005 he founded his own brand SketchThisOut, which he mostly use to spread passion for everything which he finds visual stimulating. And here is one of his stunning projects… For the web version of this project he boosted the saturation of the images a little and he added a fake paper texture background all over the illustration. The twelve famous fairy tales you’re going to see are, in order: Snow white and the seven dwarfs, Robin hood, Aladdin, Little red riding hood, Cinderella, The beauty and the beast, The little mermaid, The forg prince, Three little pigs, Hansel und Gretel, Pinocchio, Alice in the wonderland.

Simone Massoni: website / behance
Via: dailyinspiration.nl