Originally a self-taught photographer, Swiss-born Richard Forster has been taking photographs for more than fifty years. While still at school, at thirteen years old, he bought his first “plastic” camera and his classmates were his first subjects.

In 1958 he joined the Geneva Society of Photography (Société genevoise de photographie, SGP) and took part in their annual photography classes which still take place today. Later on, encouraged by and through the activities and competitions of the SGP, he developed a wider and more personal vision of photography. He participated in photography courses and many international competitions, perfecting his techniques both inside and outside the darkroom.

In 1993, the International Federation of Photographic Art awarded him the title of FIAP Artist, in recognition of his prolific work, his creative techniques and services rendered in the name of photography. Richard is at ease working in both colour and black-and-white and particularly enjoys working outdoors following nature’s fantasies, at dawn or twilight when light is at its most interesting. When the weather is dull, he can be found in his studio creating and composing under artificial light.

Around 1965 Richard became interested in female nude photography – a form of art not easy to master. Since then, this passion has developed continuously, constantly searching for new backgrounds and scenery, new lighting and new geometric forms. His view of the nude is an eternal “homage to womanhood”, taking the best out of each model. Important, too, is his need to establish confidence and even complicity with his models: an aesthetic adventure of which only the camera is witness. For Richard, the experience is more intellectual than erotic; an affair of imagination. He likes merely to suggest, to open doors of dreams, to show subtle impressions. He likes to create images, appreciated by both men and women. His photography must seduce, discover the female body and render it even more attractive – without vulgarity. Above all, for Richard, the body of a woman is a composition of lines and shapes that he can sculpture with appropriate shades of light, following his fantasies according to the whim of the moment.

The images created by Richard are not so much a translation of masculine sentiments towards women, but more those of an artist’s encounter with beautiful human forms – simply seeking embellishment.

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