“My work always begins with a love for the magic of creation – the blank surface about to be transformed into a living thing or another world. This act has been with mankind forever and yet never ceases to be awe-inspiring. I always want my marks to be visible, to keep this sense of wonder present. Using the medium of good old fashioned oil paint, I’m committed to narratives that explore themes of discovery, nature, energy, sociology, mythology, and the realms in-between.

My paintings exhibit primarily in New York City, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Europe. I illustrate books, magazines, and covers with an array of publishers including Scholastic Books, Fantasy Flight Games, Chronicle books, Abrams Books, The Atlantic Monthly, as well as album covers and show posters. Occasionally I take on branding projects with new companies looking for a holistic approach to their visual identity.

Harnessing energy, raw and eloquent, I create images that invigorate our connection to our natural world, our humanity, and our shared story.”

Adam S Doyle: website / behance / facebook
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