“Born and raised in Mississippi, I grew up listening to stories (and telling quite a few). Everyone in the South has a tale to tell. Most likely you will hear the story more than once, with the tale getting taller each time. I think this way of thinking has shaped what I look for when shooting a photo, and also what comes to play when creating a piece of mobile art.
With each image, I try to take the viewer on a journey through some unlikely place. There may be a suggested plot, I will try to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to what it may be, but what really happens is left entirely up to the one viewing the image. I believe the world is an incredibly beautiful, enchanted, magical place, but also dark, mysterious, and sometimes lonely. Incorporating all of these aspects is what I try to achieve through my images.
The IPhone changed the way I took photos. I never could save up enough money to get a “good” camera and editing software was also out of reach. With my phone, I have the tools to create anything I can imagine and I can do it anywhere. This method suits my personality fine. I joined Instagram in November 2010 and really started posting in the Spring of 2011. The feedback and support from followers that I receive on my images have really propelled me to continue pushing myself to become a better artist and photographer.”

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