Thieves of Tower was a name given to the partnership and collaboration of two unique and distinct artists, Houston and Dagny.
Houston is a well known jack of all trades when it comes to the arts. He has established himself in many ways as an artist with his undaunted pen and ink illustrations, numerous graffitied walls, and the reputation that precedes almost a decade of tattooing. Houston can be characterized by his ruthless drive and determination for the work that he creates and the life that he chooses to live. With an unyielding force of relentless productivity and the embodiment of integrity, skill, and self, he will continue to forge ahead as one of leading artists of this age, taking you back to a time of darkened beauty seen within his lines.
Dagny is the Creative Directer and Manager with a strong focus on promotions and aesthetic, establishing herself as a creative visionary and modern-day entrepreneur. She supervises the creative direction and development of all the day to day and future projects. She continues to be deeply involved in every aspect of the business, living within her passion for her work and the unrelenting ability to continue creating the beautiful aesthetic which lies in the curating of Houston’s lines and the continual growth of Thieves of Tower.
They together have worked to create a solid foundation and outlet in bringing and presenting to you, their combined skills, talents, and art works.

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