Geisha Tattoos are loved by the people who love Japanese culture. A geisha tattoo is often featured by a geisha girl dressed in colorful traditional kimono. If you have a chance to wander in the streets of Kyoto, you will be fascinated with the iconic beauty of Japanese traditions.

The prefix of the word Geisha “Gei” means art, performance in Japanese and suffix “Sha” means a person. Therefore geisha means a person who performs Japanese traditional arts. A geisha is a professional entertainer who attend guests during meals, banquets, accompanied by traditional Japanese music.

Nowadays, fewer and fewer girls want to become Geishas now due to the rigorous and time-consuming training althiugh there are still geishas found at hotels and restaurants in Japan. Nevertheless, as a part of Japanese culture, geisha still appears in different types of artworks, incl. tattoos.