Model: Andrea Model
Photo / Stylism / MUA: Alexandra Banti

“Hello ! I’m Alexandra Banti, a french photographer based in Paris.

Firstly attracted by drawing and illustration, I discovered photography during my visual communication studies. Then, I began to practice my passion in parallel with my studies, learning over the shootings and enriching meetings. Photography allows me to fully express my creativity. Indeed, I create stages, outfits and headdresses but I also, mostly of the time, do make-up and hair styles for my models. For the past 3 years I’ve been producing images which, I hope, bring a little bit of beauty and emotions in a world sometimes too hard.
I’m also very interested in the history of costume and fashion (from the renaissance to the 70), other times manners and costumes and the place of women in society. Indeed, you can easily notice that this last one takes a very important place in my work. Sometimes femme fatale, sometimes ethereal, she seduces or emu, but always in an elegance and beauty concern. My goal is not to place the woman into an object of desire, but to play on the «mystical» side they may have.”

Alexandra Banti: website