“My background is mainly in painting, and oil painting in particular. I used to paint portraiture when I first started out, but I found it creatively limiting, and I was becoming frustrated, I needed to explore more conceptually, building on what I could do and to push myself further. I sort of fell accidentally into digital collage; it wasn’t something I had planned to do, but something that seemed to find me. It interrelated nicely with my existing skill-set and was a medium malleable enough to keep up with the way I think.

I take influence from everything around me – like every artist. Fashion, design, other artists, music, culture, society etc. Everything I see, hear and talk about. It all influences what I do. From a short abstract conversations with a strangers, to memories I have as an individual… we all have a story to tell, something interesting that is unique to all of us, as an individual. I love people watching. Looking at people and seeing how I could translate that into a piece of art – from my own perspective.”

Alexandra Gallagher: website / instagram
Via: artistsinspireartists.com