American artist James Bullough presents a collection of disjointed figurative characters, fragmenting into their surrounding space. Based in Berlin, the accomplished painter understands how to integrate detail, motion, and color to create dynamic, impressionistic works. His newest series, Breaking Point, features an ensemble of distorted, yet thoroughly complete images, as he explores the human psyche and intrinsic physicality that is the mind-body connection.

Working with dancers from Berlin, Bullough has systematically built a series that “captures moments of existential fracture, disruption, and personal breach through the expressive movement of the body.” Splicing fragments of negative space with bodies caught in motion, his lively pieces explore personal breakdowns and recalled moments of overwhelming emotion inspired by his models’ past experiences. Vibrating with a tangible energy, Bullough’s work showcases splashes of humanity replicated on canvas.

James Bullough: website / instagram