Peter Wegner sees the urban landscape quite differently. Instead of seeing buildings, he sees the voids sandwiched between them. Wegner saw a unique opportunity to create a theme with this perception, and he has been shooting the spaces between buildings to create a new urban iconography; he calls this series Buildings Made of Sky. The collection is taken from sunrise till twilight by the artist in the world famous skylines of New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

Wegner still remembers the time when he ‘saw’ the hidden shapes formed in the spaces between these towering structures. “Walking down the street in New York one day, I glanced up and saw an invisible building suspended between the others. It was upside down, the color of air…” Wegner, realizing he had seen a great thematic opportunity, proceeded to photograph these imperceptible ‘buildings’, made-up of a bright blue or violet twilight sky.

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