“This is a selection of my latest illustrations as a coffee artist done with coffee and brown pencil on watercolor paper. Working mostly with portraits means that I recreate reference pictures but after giving them a personal interpretation, the result is not a 100% faithful reproduction.

Tattoos, hats, flowers, clothes…, give me the opportunity to create more intrincate illustrations and offee is a complex, unique product whose worth goes beyond just a drink.

My name is Nuria and I am a spanish architect and an art enthusiast. For a lot of people art is a hobby, for me as Picasso said -”Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”-, is the perfect medicine for the soul. Discovering my limits as an artist led me to find in coffee the perfect technique to express myself and in drawing portraits, the most appropiate way to awaken “something” in the viewer.”

Nuriamarq (Nuria Salcedo): instagram
Via: boredpanda