Artist and animator Andrew Tarusov recently posed a simple question: What if Tim Burton directed all Disney classic movies? The Los Angeles-based creative answered his own query with a series of eerie illustrations that are a mashup of Disney’s iconic characters and Burton’s signature style. Tarusov’s whimsical works show just how drastic this change could be.

With some simple tweaks, the beloved films go from feeling sweet and optimistic to a darker, less idyllic atmosphere. One of Tarusov’s most notable changes is that the character’s eyes are now as large as dinner plates, and it seems as though Bambi, Aladdin, Belle, and Dumbo have all witnessed something truly terrifying. In addition, Tarusov has darkened the films’ overall color palette, and the stories now look like they’re taking place in the middle of the night—a prime time for spooky things to happen.

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