Native of Ukraine, Elena received Masters degree in History of Art and Design from Lviv Polygraphic Academy. She started her career as a professional artist in 1985, and since then has been extensively traveling, working and exhibiting her work throughout Europe and North America. She continued her artistic education in France and United Kingdom, which helped her to develop a unique style of painting.
She is producing work of great originality, in which there is a release of emotion and a strangely captivating balance between abstraction and figuration. Still the signs and symbols of Slavonic Icon, one of her favorite subjects in early works, continue to evoke feeling and memories of old times. Elena is a master at depicting familiar surroundings but by way of suggestions and citations. She succeeds in expressing a deeply felt sense of “unity” and “wholessness”, balancing colour, form and composition. The consequences of this process are proven to be powerful yet elusive.
Elena lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

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