Emotion is a complex psychological phenomenon which occurs as animals or people live their lives. Emotions involve physiological arousal, appraisal of the situation, expressive behaviours and conscious experience. Emotion is associated with feeling, mood, temperament, personality, disposition and also motivation.

The emotions of a horse in its prominent and majestic beauty, captured in a unique, natural environment.
In this series, I intend to focus primarily on the character, elegance, power and nobleness of the horse. Working with tones, colours and contrasts, I wanted to create a feeling that will appeal to your emotions.

“I’m a photographer / visual designer based in Rotterdam. In my work, I’m inspired by the line where simplicity and minimalism are wed, and the new editing techniques that blur this line. I have a strong preference for landscapes, and desolate / open spaces. There is a distinctive whispering silence to be found in my work.”

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