Could we still dreaming of a problem-less summer in times like these?
Do we have the right to forget the issues and still want to lay down at a pool? Can we still flirt, play with a ball or spoil ourselves with drinks and leisure?
Can we feel the nostalgia of these far away summers of our childhood?
And really, were these summers so bright as they are in our memories?

A series of nostalgic summery scenes from retro summers. Pictures from the 50′s or the 60′s, when the summers were great. But were they? Was the world really better back then? Or we just tend to forget the problems of the past?
Summery scenes created from parts of vintage ads and ephemera. This is the image that we have from the past. An image always brighter, always distorted from the advertising, the cinema, the nostalgia.
This is an ongoing self initiated project.
2 or 3 layers of mosaics made out of pieces from ads and other printed ephemera from the distant past. Mainly imagery from the 30s till the late 70s have been used here. They are mounted in 2 or 3 separated layers of plexiglass. Ideal to decorate the walls of motels and summer houses. Those who are waiting for our future summers.

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