Etudes of Saltzburg

Multiple exposure (No Ps)
Nikon D7200
Nikkor AF-S 16-80 f2,8-4E ED DX VR

In his works the artist Vladas Tranelis tries to synthesize various means of artistic expression creating an integral aesthetic expanse. The author‘s works are distinguished for their decorative image, which like a veil exquisitely covers the man‘s emotional world. There are no realistic views in the artist‘s pictures. Inner sights, sometimes sights from aside arise colourful mirages and mesmerise spectators by their suggestibility and magic power. All these visions show the author‘s philosophical attitude towards the world and express his efforts to embody an ideal of nostalgic and spiritual beauty .It is obvious that the author is attentive to the classical tradition of painting . His works have been influenced by the West European Mannerism, baroque, romanticism , surrealism and also by the secession of the XX century.

Vladas Tranelis: website / behance