“I have been creating digital art for about four years. It all began when I discovered a community of artists and editors on Instagram of all things. I was slowly coddled and nurtured as I stumbled around inside the world of design and graphic manipulation. As time went on, I began to accrue a small following and was asked by an old student teacher to do the album design for his debut LP. It was in this moment that I realized the potential of my art. A whole new world opened up.

I now pride myself on my diversity and ability to work with a client to make their visions a reality. I am always up for interpreting a brief and working closely to achieve the best possible results. Each step of the way I share multiple concepts to narrow down the piece into a perfect fit. I am constantly pushing myself to make each piece stronger than the last, which has driven my skill set farther than I ever could have imagined. Currently, I am enrolled in the Graphic Design program at Oregon State University to develop further.”

Nevan Doyle: website / behance