Beautiful pictures of flowers, butterflies and caterpillars by Adam Gor, talented 23-year-old self taught photographer, retoucher and biology student based in Hungary. Adam focuses on macro nature photography. He travels accross his native Hungary to capture amazing nature creations.

“Photography started to interest me in 2000 when I was six years old and I got a Nikon compact camera. At this point I was taking photographs of any alive creatures, I was not paying any particular attention to butterflies. By time caterpillars and their rearing started to interest me, that is how I got close to butterflies and moths, and their photography. In 2007, I got a Panasonic bridge camera, which was quite a huge improvement compared to my previous one. This was the time when I started to deal more seriously with photography, and butterflies and moths became my main theme. This does not mean that I do not take photographs of other themes, because I really like to photograph landscapes, other insects, reptiles, amphibians and flowers. Currently I am using a Canon DSLR and I am trying to expand my interest in photography. I still think I am an amateur and I am confident that the camera does not make me a photographer. The ability to learn and catch the moments is more important than the technical background. So it does not matter what kind of camera we are using, the point is that we must take the best photos of our current knowledge and always try to show something new and give it to the audience as we see the world as a photographer. I am currently working and learning as a biologist, so my interest in photography and butterflies is connected by this.”

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