“For a bread factory opening I was asked to do the artwork from the real bread. After few months of brainstorming I decide to do something new for me – a giant toasted bread artwork. The idea was to recreate Vilnius (Lithuania) city fragment. It was the easiest part. And I didn’t know how difficult it would be (insert many days for a bread drying and counting every slice).

We made a huge toasted bread artwork. The dimension is near 3.5×2.5 meters and we used a 1064 slices of bread to make it. We worked in team for a 50 hours. And it’s happen – we did a Lithuania’s record – the biggest artwork from toasted bread.

And to finish this story… there was a few crashes when we transported the artwork, and I recreated that three times!”

Jolita Vaitkute: website
Via: boredpanda.com