“My “golden” series of women’s portraits is a result of natural professional growth. Once I remembered Valentin Serov’s portrait of the Russian singer Fedor Shalyapin, painted with charcoal. The image was depicted so well black and white that when Shalyapin asked Serov when he would paint it in colours, Serov answered: “Do you want me to “colour” the portrait?” And then I wondered why I “coloured” the backgrounds and dresses if I enjoyed so much to paint every detail of a woman’s face. And what’s more it is much easier to portray an image by focusing only on a model’s face or even some of its lines.

This series is only the beginning of my creative development. I’m sure there are a lot of new and interesting things ahead. The key point is to carry your dreams and expectations through everyday routine. And I believe it is possible, because I’m sure dreams come true.”

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