“My fascination with orchids spans decades and at one point I had nearly seventy in my conservatory. The explosion of colour and perfume during the flowering months intoxicate the senses. Their near perfect symmetry and uncanny visual and pheremonal mimicry of favoured pollinators is enthralling. With around 28,000 known species of orchid growing on every continent on Earth, bar the icy poles, the plants have evolved a myriad of exotic colour and form to attract pollinators from bees to birds. Charles Darwin cited them in his book, ‘Fertilisation of Orchids’ as the most prolific and successful genus of plants on Earth; a prime example of ‘Natural selection’.

Inspired by the beauty and ingenuity of this unparalleled plant species, I endeavour to recreate these incredible flowers as faithfully and authentically as possible, whilst imbuing them with my own artistic interpretation. Scaled up to around 30cm diameter, every bloom has unique colour variations and nuances; homage to the subtlety of evolutionary adaptation.”

Laura Hart: website
Via: thisiscolossal.com