“We are celapiu – an independent fashion accessories label, ran by two sisters – Celina and Maja. We specialize in cold-weather accessories – i.e. hats, scarves, various shoulder coverings, gloves and more, which we design and manufacture in our studio in Kraków, Poland. All of our items are handmade and made with great attention to detail. Conscious choice of raw materials – nearly all of which are produced locally, as well as working with local craftsmen is also an important part of our business philosophy.”

In celapiu what matters is both original design and its perfect, conscious implementation. Our products are handmade, we use manufacturing techniques and locally produced materials – all of them come from Europe and we try to use Polish components as much as we can. We believe that it is worth producing hand made elements – an object that receives a lot of focused attention and care when doming to life becomes the carrier of these values and thanks to this it is beautiful. Each seam is a symbol of creative process, when in a truly magical way, thanks to the work of human hands, a completely new being is formed. Celapiu stands in opposition to low quality of one-time fashion. We support local craftsmen and creators, also in everyday life.

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