Katarina Vasickova was born in 1981 in Nitra, Slovakia, where she graduated from the Secondary School of Civil Engineering. Since her young age, she has been interested in painting and wood-modelling as an autodidact.
In 2002, she moved to Greece, where she has been living until today and developing her artificial skills by attending seminars of painting and co-operating with the well-known Russian painter Anna Golovinskaja. She has participated in many collective exhibitions and arts festivals, such as the Fringe Festival in Athens and various UNESCO exhibitions. Her first individual exhibition took place in Athens in the Parnassos Literary Society in 2013.
She focuses on contemporary modern techniques, as pointillism and abstraction. Use of life full colours is typical for her paintings. Her work is represented in many private collections. She is an active UNESCO member and participates as a volunteer in art activities for children.

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