Ohio-based artist Dennis Wojtkiewicz creates large-scale oil paintings of fruit that look so real, they might make you want to reach into the canvas and take a bite. From mouthwatering citruses to succulent watermelons, the artist’s photorealistic paintings encapsulate each fruit’s form, texture, and delicious details.

“I used to be a figure painter but the literal read of the people in my paintings always caused me some consternation. Using fruit as subject matter gave me much more latitude in constructing an image. I’m trying to approach a very accessible, traditional format (still life) in perhaps a more contemporary way—minimal in form yet very complicated in process.” Painted with soft highlights and shadow, each piece seems to glow as if a light is shining behind the fruit’s translucent flesh. Every vein, seed, and juicy vesicle is rendered with incredible detail, highlighting nature’s perfect patterns and organic shapes.

The series explores the passing of time, where each piece of ripe fruit is captured at its best before it ultimately decomposes. Wojtkiewicz explains, “There are a number of elements in the visual undertow which can function as metaphor or serve to represent themes such as spirituality, relationships (or lack thereof), reproduction and, generally speaking, the transitory nature of all living things.” He continues, “When I go into the studio it is with the intent of imbuing the paintings with a living spirit and to realize something that will connect with the viewer on a sensual if not metaphysical plane.”

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Via: mymodernmet