Into the Mirror is an elegant fashion photo shoot with a twist. Italian photographer Luca Meneghel created the series by blending reality with illustrations that are hand-drawn along the surface of a mirror. Simply dressed in nude garb, model Nasty Bugriy shows off her stylish sense of rare fashion by standing perfectly placed in front of the elaborate dresses and jewels.

In his beautiful compositions, Meneghel captures reflective illusions of Bugriy wearing the sultry dresses and embellished gowns. The rough black lines, smudges, and elaborately patterned drawings by Norma Nardi create the appearance of different textures and materials, while the scratched and dirty mirror, with its ornate frame, add a captivating depth to the already alluring portraits. By combining the multiple elements together, Meneghel creates a powerfully enchanting series that blurs the lines between reality and fairytale.

Luca Meneghel is an italian photographer specialized in fashion and food photography with a background in design. He was born in Belluno the 19th. february 1989 and now he’s based in Bolzano.

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