Recorded on the first jam of the year, on 8th January 2011, “(No) Reason” is a totally free improvisation. I think this is Punk in the purest way it’s possible in the original meaning of the expression. Anyway, it has also some Blues reflections and a little bit of Industrial noise added, just for taste.

At the jam we used only a one measure drum loop, but back home I re-write the whole drum track and while in the rough mix at first touch Grigore muted Calin’s double bass track, well, I used most of it in my version of production and mix. It’s not brain surgery, it’s fucking Rock’N'Roll, but I tried to bring forward some of the happenings that took place and give a better groove to this song.
The “original” mix of Grigore is available at the Oedip Piaf’s homepage (oedip.piaf.independent.ro/listening_room.html/ – posted on 9 January 2011), it worth to listen the both versions to hear the differences.
Have fun, there’s always a good reason for it!

No reason good enough, no reason
good enough

No reason is a reason good enough
No reason

The reason is a reason good enough

I have been thinking…
there’s no reason… good enough

What the fucks the reason for?
No fucking reason

No reason

No reason is a reason good enough
No reason

And I said to myself
fuck all that reasons
there’s no reason good enough
to have a real good reason

Good enough

No Reason good enough

Good enough
No reason

No reason is a reason good enough
No reason
(good enough)

No reason!

from Badtime Stories, track released 12 January 2011
Attila Brushvox: lead vocals (improvised and recorded at first shot), samplers, keyboards, drum programming, production, editing, mixing, mastering, art work.
Serban: lead guitars, backing vocals, tambourine, kind of percussion.
Grigore: bass guitar, recordings.
Calin: double bass, unidentified noises.