This is not a band, but a grenade!!
Try to imagine the result from the collision between the tour buses of King Crimson and Revolting Cocks…

Byzant At Sunset is a global project conceived to raise new horizon, offer space and free expression to its members and encourage boldness, creativity and individuality among its members and contributors.

With hundreds of different roots back to classic music, Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Blues, Jazz, and drawing inspiration from thousands of different bands and the flavors of world music, Byzant At Sunset break down walls and boundaries.
This is a great blend of class and crass, fragrant aromas and putrid stench, rainbows and razor-blades.

Reflective of the diversity and contrast of the world in which we live, Byzant At Sunset is the last burning bridge between worlds, but building a new empire from the ashes of the old world.

Merging Industrial with Jazz, (Post) Punk and (Post) Rock with Dub(Step), electronic layers and wildly improvising live instruments, Byzant At Sunset raise a brand new musical horizon. This is the future we’re in! Enjoy!
Debut album entitled “Staring At the Wheel” is planned for an early 2013 release. We’re rolling!

Byzant At Sunset want to thanks to their outstanding contributors and friends: ALBM, @ssic@, Bluetrax, Carda, DaveDaG, JohnnySix, Manu, mSelv, Richard Walker, The ?uestion Mark, Ultraglow.

No Reason
This sounds like a frontal collision between Morphine, The Clash and P.I.L. with a subtle dose of Massacre. Actually this might sound even wilder then you can imagine before listen it. Expect the unexpected. This is the birth of a “new genre”: Acidnoisepunksteptripmetal. This is pure, solitary craziness!!

Although Byzant At Sunset is exclusively an on-line, world wide collaboration creative collective, “Wildfire” have the nerve, vibe and wilderness of a genuine rehearsal recording. It’s like someone light up a cigarette but that unleash an unstoppable… wildfire.

Released 09 October 2012

Byzant At Sunset are:
FL Byzant – saxophone.
RP Byzant – guitars and mastering.
AB Byzant – vox, samplers, pianos and keys, synthesisers, programming, editing, mixing, art work, producer.!/ByzantAtSunset