Model: Jeana Turner @jeanaturner
Body Paint: @lana_chromium on Instagram
Post Production: Pratik Naik @solsticeretouch

“As an American artist I am tired. I am tired of the acceptance of ignorance. I am tired of listening to a clown day after day tell me that what I see and what I hear is fake news. I am tired of feeling this way so I did what I do and I directed that energy into art. Hopefully this collection of images communicates what most people are feeling. I feel these images expresses our current state of affairs. Outside forces are blinding and suffocation us. We are being told by a puppet that there is nothing to see here. We are being told everything is great, while clearly everything is totally hanging by a thread. We are on verge of nuclear war, we have three major natural disasters related to climate change and we are rolling back every EPA regulation possible. Nothing to see here folks. And if you speak up, you are being told that its all fake news… Enough. I choose to use my voice and my audience to express and hopefully motivate people to act. So if these images relate to how you feel, share this collection and express that you will not be blinded and silenced.”

Tim Tadder: website / instagram