Richard Calmes has evolved into one of the most prominent dance photographers in the United States. Over the past five years, he has traveled from coast to coast, capturing the beauty of some of the most gifted dancers in America, and his work has met with appreciation world-wide.

Whether setting up his equipment in studios, or wading through the warm surf of the Pacific Ocean, Richard has employed his discerning eye to create amazing images. His travels have taken him from New York City’s graffitied neighborhoods to the historic sites of Washington D.C. with glorious dancers in tow. From urban streets to Appalachian meadows, Richard is always excited to display dancers in unexpectedly interesting surroundings.

His images have graced the covers and the interiors of numerous periodicals, and several feature stories have been written about his approach to his art. He has also been featured in many gallery exhibitions from Great Britain to Atlanta, as well as the preeminent digital photography publication in China.

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