Jennifer Duran is a fine artist currently based in Redlands, California. Jennifer took every art class offer from Jr. High through High school, including AP (advanced placement) Art her senior year. She received various awards throughout her high school years including The Press-Enterprise Art Show winner for Best Drawing and the Bank of America Achievement Award for Fine Arts. Jennifer was accepted in to Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles California, majoring in Fine Arts. Jennifer attended Otis for a short time, leaving school to pursue the family life. In 2014, after a nearly 9 year hiatus, Jennifer began to pursue her passion for art once again.
Jennifer’s medium of choice is watercolor. She describes working with watercolors as a controlled chaos. Her works most often revolve around a woman and emotion. Jennifer is seeking to evoke emotion and a true connection with her audience, usually through the eyes. She believes that through the eyes truth can be found—whether good or bad. Other subjects commonly seen in her works are trees, birds, and fish. They are a source of inspiration for her, representing life, growth, and freedom.

Jennifer Sonksen Duran: website / instagram