“Just very basic quick snapshots, right? These are my little bit more edited creations and I kinda like that ‘through the phone’ effect as you can see. It gives more dimension and people have to watch and think like, wait what’s going on in this picture?

When I was creating these I had to also stop and think what I’m doing. But it’s just a good sign! Hope you like them!”

Asmo Turunen: instagram

“I’m 20 years old hobby photographer and a little bit digital artist too. I like to take pics and also edit and retouch them, it comes just so naturally. And most of all I really enjoy about creating something new, the moment and feeling when I get creations finished is so amazing! I’m fully self-taught and at this point this is just a hobby, but I’m studying about photography and graphic design.”

Via: boredpanda.com