Recently, the air plant has proven popular among fun-loving flora enthusiasts. On top of living a low maintenance life, the plant is admired for its ability to put a playful twist on the traditional pot, whether doubling a crazy hairdo, sprucing up a chess set, or, as in the case of Cindy Searles‘ ceramics, bringing a sea of adorable ocean animals to life.

Featuring colorful squids, curious octopuses, and even a seemingly startled narwhal, Searles’ collection of hanging planters puts an under-the-sea spin on suspended plant pots. In most instances, the plants cascade from the pieces, transforming their curved leaves into floating tentacles or legs. Sometimes, the plants sprout from the backs of the animals, turning them into a whale’s waterspout or the spines of a pufferfish.

Each enchanted air plant holder is handcrafted and painted by Searles, who captures the diversity of sea animals through fun patterns, bright colors, and eye-catching textures. Accompanied by a steel cable, each ceramic pieces comes ready-to-hang, requiring only the plant itself and making it a “wonderfully whimsical gift for any occasion.”

Cindy Searles: etsy