“As a professional photographer and pianist from France, I am fortunate to be able to meet the two artistic worlds that are close to my heart: photography and pianos.

My “Requiem for pianos” series is a proof of my attachment to music and photography, both my passions. Tirelessly practicing Chopin on my grand piano in my house, I am also a photographer who, on one of my urban explorations, captures pictures of this instrument lying there and further intensifying the mystery surrounding the place.

About fifty of my photographs are focused on a central object: the piano; sometimes with some of its keys missing, sometimes completely dismantled but always sitting imposingly.

As a pianist myself, emotion takes over when I discover an abandoned piano. This is the aim of my art: my two passions are then united in one and the same feeling.

To achieve my Requiem pour pianos series, I have explored several countries including France, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Germany, and Poland. Through my images, the musical notes of these abandoned pianos reason again in these buildings in ruins, giving free rein to our imagination.”

Professional photographer specializing in abandoned heritage and pianist, the work of Romain Thiery has been constantly evolving and has been exhibited several times nationally and internationally. He now exhibits permanently in art galleries. A real passionate person, Romain is fortunate to be able to meet the two artistic worlds that are close to his heart: photography and pianos. Today he lives and works in Montpellier, France.

Romain Thiery: website
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