“Over the course of the past year, our family has painted over 1000 rocks in a kaleidoscope of characters and wild personalities. Each of us (dad and six kids, aged 5 to 17) chose a base color and had free rein to paint our rocks with whatever details we wanted. All 1000 rocks have been crafted in pairs – so every rock has a twin. 500 rocks will be gathered at our Venue in a massive, sprawling display. There you’ll get a sense of the scope of this project. The other matching 500 rocks will be stealthily tucked into random locations around Grand Rapids. It becomes a massive game of “I Spy”! Visitors to Art Prize can keep their eyes open all day to see how many of the twin rocks they spot in the wild! Keep a running tally of how many you see… Or record your discoveries in a family photo hunt! Use the hashtag #RockAroundGR on social media to share photos of the rocks you spot. Be sure to check out the video below to see more!”


More info: artprize.org
Via: boredpanda.com