The analysis of the meaning of the forms in the sculpture of Ángela Lergo happens through the examination of the concepts of identity, reality and space. There is something more in these mud figures, something more that it equips them with a waxen, unreal aspect, which takes to raise questions about the ambivalence that any good sculpture incites: the dichotomy between the being and us, the organization of the appearance and the surprise of the difference. The precision imposed in the detail, in each folds and corporal bend, does not make but accentuate this irreality.

It is obvious that the artist gives a lot of importance to the liquid element. For Lergo, the water is not only water, the blackness is not merely opacity, nor we can tie it to a contingent and opportunistic criticism. Something is more there. This essential fluid, amniotic, fundamental and strange, create a territory of absence in which the figures float, swim or emerge from it, bearing a remarcable stigmate of solitude that inevitably accompanies all being.

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