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Anton Rhoden - Bauhaus - Mask

Anton Rhoden – Bauhaus – Mask

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Bent – Swollen. For you.

With you in my garden Its more peaceful inside I don’t need anything else To make me feel alive You electrify me And I want to be in your arms For always For always Our love is swollen Made of the quietest shade of loud Holds me like an anchor Floats just like a cloud...

Jan Garbarek – Where the Rivers Meet!

Enya – Adiemus

Evgeny Kissin – Siciliano (Johann Sebastian Bach – Kempff)

Waldeck – Get up Carmen – Francine Van Hove

Netsky – Iron Heart (official video)

This Life – Sons of Anarchy – Theme Song

Johnny Weir skates to Ave Maria by Josh Groban


Hello!   Ego is a Latin word meaning “I”, cognate with the Greek “Εγώ (Ego)” meaning “I”. An alter-ego (Latin, “the other I”) is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person, who is often oblivious to the persona’s actions. (Wikipedia definitions) Ego-AlterEgo is the visual journey between the two sides of...