“I have always been fascinated by drawings, street art and other creative people. Since my childhood, I have been drawing and painting.

I love the idea of temporary art because all things in life are temporary. I grew up on the beach where I lived during the summer. I have always been drawing on the beach using materials I found at the there. 6 years ago I started using a rake. This way I could make the drawings much bigger. Because they became so big I wanted to see the result from above. I mounted a GoPro on a kite so I could make pictures. Nowadays I am using a drone. I am inspired by tattoo artists, street art and geometry.

Love to be out in nature and be in my own creative world where everything can happen. I love to work on a large-scale using the environment as a canvas. Most of the work a make takes up to 4 hours of work. Where it’s washed away by waves as the tide comes in. I hope people are surprised, wondered, touched or just feel the energy I put in my work.”

Tim Hoekstra: instagram