“This is the second photoshoot for the project “Transcending the Eye”, featuring the brand “Miraculina”, which talks about the creative process emboding Synesthesia as a technique.”

Model: Giovanna Bin
Make up Artist: Laila Boy Ferrer
Photographer: Caio Sitnoveter
Assistant: Gustavo Henrique de Barros Rocco

“I’m an ascending designer and illustrator, always trying to improve my work.
Synesthesia is a big part of me and my creative process, and it is a blast to share my experiences with the world!
I’m a Fashion Design graduated, but now, I´m also exploring the world of Concept Art and Modelling in Games, and loving to combine the two of them, by pursuing the dream of becoming a Costume Designer not just in Games, but also in Animation Features!”

Raquel França Batista: behance / instagram