FART Magazine issue 12 (green edition).
Concept: ‘You Are What You Eat’.

FART is a young magazine built around diverse creative channels. FART stands for Fashion and Art. The obvious mainstream fashion photography, but also Art, a subject which will hopefully get greater attention in the upcoming issues. FART promotes the work of many different artistic people, such as photographers, models, Make Up Artists, Stylists, Designers, Painters, and other creative minds. We put those people on the spot, the pedestal, in order to inspire other people.

Jeroen van Eerden was born September 23, 1986 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Moved on the age of four to a dutch city called Groningen. Since when he was little, he was always a enthousiast person who wanted to learn about life. Jeroen’s main passion and occupation is graphic design and illustration. He didn’t knew about this passion his whole life, around 2005 on a training period at a small graphic design company, he finally found his life goal. Becoming a graphic designer. At that time Jeroen’s life came to a change, the change to become a true master of his skills.

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