Figurative paintings by Andrey Belle

Chic realistic paintings by exceptionally talented figurative artist Rob Hefferan

Born in 1957 in Minsk, Russia.

Belle produces figurative paintings mainly of women and still lives. His work are filled with emotion, beauty, sensuality and refinement. Concerned with the links and contradictions between the past (nostalgic and fragile) and the present (fresh and vibrant), he opposes them whilst at the same time creating a perfect harmony.

The Colour of Pomegranates – Extract of a text by Dr Alexander Borovski, curator of the Contemporary Art department of the National Russian Museum.

“His (Belle’s) material is that of desire, the senses, of sexual languor, of unrealised and foreseen passions. It is sensual and romantic, with no desire to act like the subject of contemporary art, which is by very definition hermetic, impenetrable, existing according to its own logic. (…) Belle is a master of the senses. Of pauses. Of emotional states. Such is his character, his nature. He does not analyse, but tends rather to look and listen attentively. (…) Of no less importance is the theme of elusiveness, ambiguity, mystery…Together with his work, adventure and intrigue enter your home.”

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