Surreal and dream-like portraits by Italian artist Federico Bebber created through photo-manipulation. The works are influenced by H.R. Giger, Dave McKean, and Lucio Fulci. The illustrations are sort of dark and according to him, are created at night when he’s in a bad mood.

It is the need to express and to vent restlessness that produces these artworks: it is unrest coming from discomfort and speaking through artfulness and nature. The audience is universal. Tones are colourless, from pure white to dark black, through the whole range of greys. The contents are literally ripped out of everyday life, combined and merged with agonising shapes, exposed to a fantastic metamorphosis, within a dream-like and surreal environment. Viewers will stop to listen, as if waiting for some noise, without knowing whether it will be music, words or screaming.

Federico Bebber: flickr / instagram