Certainly at first sight may seem to work on the contrast. BW / color, angry / smiling, torn / damaged, hidden / out. And of course there is also this. But the portrait photography is also a closed field. A field where they meet, mingle, distort four forces. What the subject believes to be, what the subject would be, what the viewers think they know him, what the photographer knows the subject to create his image. In the time of shooting is represented a lifetime. A simple gesture of a few minutes is the paradigm of the lives of all of us, all the efforts we make to understand and make ourselves understood, always precarious balance between being and appearance.
The jerk then takes on a meaning of change, a gesture of breaking that for a moment reveals ourselves or what we want to know ourselves. It is not clear. It can not be the rest. The border is extremely blurred. And so these grotesque images, but never ridiculous, are a parody of ourselves, of our attempts to look better or worse, and the ongoing effort to collide with reality and ideal.

Francesco Romoli: website / behance