Mitchell Grafton is a full time ceramic artist making unique sculptural works of art in Panama City, Fl. At age 19 he started working for Odell Pottery while getting an Architecture degree at Louisiana Tech. Bruce Odell was a three time winner of the Pottery Olympics in Wisconsin and taught Mitchell everything he knew about pottery and life for the next 7 years. While at Odell Pottery, Mitchell became the head designer of lamp bases that were produced for Hart and Associates, an interior design manufacturing company. After graduation Mitchell moved to Panama City, FL where he and a business partner started Round Tree Pottery. Mitchell designed, managed and handled the finances for Round Tree for the next 9 years. At its peak, Round Tree sold wholesale pottery to over 400 art galleries and gift shops around the country and owned a retail art gallery in Seaside, FL. In 2009 Mitchell started his own art-pottery company, Grafton Pottery, in Panama City where he now creates one-of-a-kind works of art.

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