“My name is Moira Gil. I was born in Argentina in 1975. I have been living in Charleston, South Carolina, U.S. for the last 10 years.
My passion for painting grow very much when I come to live on a Island Folly Beach. To be close the ocean and feel the peaceful environment give me the opportunity to dive into myself and come out with full inspirations.
I have being linked with the nature all my life and specially with the ocean. My dad, Daniel Gil, is Argentina’s surf pioneer . He brought the first surfboard into the country from Peru in 1963. He also has a Surf School in Kikiwai Beach, Mar del Plata, which he stared more that 30 years ago.My mom, Patricia Boggan, also loves to surf. My family is quite a big family. We are nine siblings, seven girls and two boys. We all surf and relate our artistic skills to the ocean. We have lived in different places around the world, and always near the sea. Surf and Art have also been a part of our lives. Travelling around the world still something I enjoy very much and do whenever I can.
In 2008 I went to India and I meet my Guru~ji who teach me a very ancient style of painting that only is learned from teacher to student with Indian watercolors that are quite different that we know in the west. This experience change me and my art for ever. My art had reflected passing the years all what I am it changes all the time, since I paint from my heart. Inspiration comes to me only has a spontaneous expression, and I love that. The nature is my main inspiration mixed with the spirituality that lives in every live form.
Now I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I paint and I teach courses for people that want to get in touch and re-discover with the creativity within.
I hope you too enjoy my passion and it is my wish to inspire you in some way.”

Moira Gil: website / fineartamerica.com / facebook