Stephanie Noblet is a completely self-taught artist, AKA mademoiselle Zazie.
She started to draw when She arrived in Miami in 2008, then with all the support from her family she continued to develop her Art.
But Miami was a first step in her artist life, all her art woke up with her 2nd life, as she loves to say.
The most important moment was when she moved to NYC in 2009.
There, she saw all her inspiration and imagination expanding.
NYC was definitely her big break!
In december 2011 she has been lucky to meet a young woman, interested in her art.
25 of her paintings were displayed in her gallery in Manhattan, for 15 days.
In NYC can you believe it?!
Then, 2012 came up, after doing oil paintings, she was still exploring some new medium such as watercolor painting in order to express herself a different way.
Today she’s essentially working with this medium that she loves more than ever.
She did and still does some women portraits at this day, with this medium she can bring all her sensitivity, and creativity that is contained in her vast mind.
Creativity is the most important part about Stephanie, that’s what she loves in art, bringing something new, something from her, expressing her feelings and let them reflect in her art.
She chose to paint women, because the diversity is quite extensive.
Mix up reality and unreality is something she likes to do, as well.
Gesture, emotions in the eyes, sensuality, unreal effects, colors, all of these are her goals in art.
She works daily, always seeking the special little thing that will make a difference.
With art she feels alive, she finally found her way and will continue to paint no matter what happens.

Stephanie Noblet: website / facebook