Since sculpting her first bronze in 1994, Angela Mia De la Vega has been creating figurative bronze sculptures for international collectors, corporations and institutions. She lives and works in Texas. Exalting the human spirit through expressive faces and natural body movement has become Angela’s recognized trademark. Her work’s greatest inspiration is the curious and ever-changing individuality of her children.

“There is so much beauty to see in every given moment. I wish desperately that I could sculpt it all, like a camera capturing consecutive moments in time, separated only by seconds.
For each sculpture, I listen to memory – a vision that does not fade, as it must come into being in all of its fullness. I always work with a model for this vision – a model that can represent a multiplicity of humanity, glowing with spirit, and shaping light and shadows over form. I work ardently at a torrid pace, to make sure that nothing evades my grasp of what I see. As the sculpture develops, I can slow down and focus on details such as physical features of the subject. This is when I hope to focus on transferring the intensity of the subject, sculpting a body that listens as a live face does. The addition of details such as clothing or accompanying objects within a sculpture are based on hours of research into culture, history and photographs in order to achieve authenticity and realism.
Upon signing my works at their completion in clay, I find it difficult to resist the thrill of creation… I have a strong sense that nothing is finalized; it continues to develop and grow, as do our children. I can only hope that this is because life itself is emanating from the sculpture. Because of the passion that inspires my sculpting, I hope to transmit this enormity of emotions to those who contemplate my work”.

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