‘Art is Trash’ is a street artist who has a knack for turning garbage into humorous street installations.

Using unwanted items found on the streets—like discarded cardboard, old furniture and garbage bags—he brings them to life by arranging them in funny situations and painting faces on them.

In an interview with Global Street Art, he said, “We consume a lot, and rubbish is part of that, it’s people wasting things. There’s a romantic aspect, somebody’s given it up, they don’t want it, because one little bit is broken, because they don’t want to fix it, that’s the Capitalist mindset, so I give it life, so there’s a sensitive and romantic side to the work.”

“It’s not all about monsters and nightmares in the work. Even when I’m making monsters, I’m taking things and bringing them back to life, giving them meaning.”

Art is Trash: website
Via: designtaxi.com