Some smooth looking illustrations of cities

“My name is William, I have been a keen amateur photographer since 2008 when I started using a Cannon Powershot compact camera, back then like most people discovering digital photography I began with the local parks, taking snaps of walk ways surrounded by tree’s, park benches were used for a focal point and band stands. After spending a long time reading many magazines and books as my passion grew I discovered how to make a camera function properly and developed an interest in night time photography, urban night shots became a passion and many a night at two or three in the morning I would be out in the cold with my tripod and camera. along virtually empty streets I would be capturing the night in my local town. It certainly was cold and I was perished when I got home an hour or two later. Along with my passion for photography also grew my passion for Photoshop and digital image editing. As I learned to use Photoshop then came my real turning point with the purchase of a tablet and stylus which opened up the world of Illustration for me. I have loved working with both Illustrations and photographs. Like most creative people I am often found awake at 3am sketching with my tablet and stylus until my eyes are sore and almost glued closed with tiredness… ”

William Joynes: behance