Alessandro Sala, paintings

Alessandro Sala, paintings

“I process my technique, oil and sand, a mixture preparation (primer on the canvas or board). I believe this method more visually suitable to my artistic language. The ‘no brilliance’ of the painting allows the viewer to have direct contact with the dream-like quality.
Hiking painting with watercolor, tempera, acrylic and enamel accompany my pictorial research. I participate in television specials, where my paintings are presented in the presence of art critics. There are many personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad and several of my works become part of private collections and embassies.

In the company of composer and friend Fulvio Pereda I venture in sonic performance, playing the flute and sax. For some years I moved inland from Savona where you can best pursue my artistic career in direct contact with nature.

Influenced by the proximity of energy Albisola, a town famous for its pottery, I venture in ceramic sculpture. Into contact with art workshops in the area and established a sincere friendship with Tortarolo Marco, the owner of premises where you will find many contemporary artists.

2011 was full of satisfaction: one of my works was requested by the MAC (Contemporary Art Museum) in Bahia-Brazil and I started working with one of the most important galleries of Mexico.”

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