Aphrodites, digital art by Charis Tsevis

Aphrodites, digital art by Charis Tsevis

A personal project dedicated to our goddesses of beauty.

The idea for this project is born about 3 years ago when I moved from Greece to Cyprus. The island is according to the Greek mythology the birthplace of Aphrodite and the exact place where the Myth is locating the rise of the goddess from the sea is about 5 minutes from my home. The whole area of Pafos is so obsessed with Aphrodite and I couldn’t resist to be influenced of the frenzy.
Initially this project was part of my Endless Summer one. I decided to separate them as the Endless Summer series is much more nostalgic. But it was difficult for me to distinguish my version of Aphrodite from my favorite season of the year. For me it’s in the midst of summer, we welcome the Aphrodites. They are the small ephemeral goddesses of the summer. My project is a hymn to the female beauty and the different versions of Aphrodite. Sometimes Urania, other moments Pandemos, sometimes erotic, other moments innocent. Sometimes dreamy and sometimes provocative, my Aphrodite is always a mosaic made of tiles from a retro icon of nature.
The Aphrodites’ tesserae (the mosaic stones) include flowers, plants, fruits but also fish, birds and horses that refer to the retro as well as the museums. The beauty of Aphrodite passes the ephemeral and enters the museum. It is borrowed from a world painted by scholars, biologists or naturalists who are fit to give the image of the ideal everyday woman who is bathed in the light of Cyprus literally and symbolically.
The Aphrodite pallet is stolen from the brightest hours of the Mediterranean summer. Blue from Potima beach, Coral Bay and Akamas, gold from the sedimentary rocks of Paphos, purple from Maratheftiko wine and red from spring strawberries. The colours that women love, wear and impersonate. Mental and spiritual situations. Experiences of the past and of the future.

– Limited edition numbered fine art print, created with the exclusive authority of the artist.
– High-quality print on canvas, produced using giclĂ©e 12 colors.
– Available in three dimensions.
– Custom sizes are available upon request, please contact us for more information.
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Visual designer of Greek origin, Charis Tsevis is based in Paphos, Cyprus. He serves global clients including Pepsi, Nike, Toyota, IKEA, TIME, Fortune, WIRED, The Wall Street Journal and many more.
His work has been awarded at Epica, NPSA and ED-Awards in the US and Europe. Charis Tsevis has studied design and advertising in Milan and Athens and he is a visiting professor at AKTO College, Greece. He frequently contributes to prominent publications with articles on design theory, aesthetics and cyberculture.

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